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Josh Bergeron - Legs & Biceps

Josh Bergeron - Legs & Biceps

Josh Bergeron - Legs & Biceps

Age: 30 ( 2/28/80) Height: 5’8” Weight: 220 pounds (contest) 250 pounds (offseason) Profession: Environmental Specialist Years training: Weight training for 16 years, last 7 intense Date of entry: 7/25/2010 Written by Josh Bergeron I train an average of 5-6 times per week I spend an average of 1-1 1/2 hours time training per workout: My favorite body part to train: Guess its chest or arms I like both equally. The body part I hate training: Guess it would have to be shoulders, they get so pumped its almost painful. The toughest part of today's workout was: While getting ready for a show, having the endurance to push hard throughout entire workout on low carbs was very tough. The goal of today's workout: Flex and squeeze the body parts being trained. It was a Sunday afternoon and I had just competed in a bodybuilding show the day before, but there is no rest for the dedicated. I had the USA’s coming up next weekend so I needed to train and focus. When working which ever body part I’m on, the key for me is concentration and control. It’s not the amount of weight you can throw around it’s how you control the weight in your hand/legs. I started my leg routine with laying hamstring curls...

...but also I was going to superset with stationary lunges.

The key for the hamstring curl is keeping tension throughout the negative as well as the curl. After finishing 12 reps on that machine I dismounted and began 20 stationary lunges. The key on stationary lunges is to stretch that hamstring stepping out and engage the quad while coming up, then repeating the process with the opposite leg. For this combo exercise I did 4 sets. Upon completing that combo I moved on to what was going to be another superset, which was going to be done on the squat rack. What I start with is fairly heavy wide stance squats for 10 reps...

... then I move on to an already set up medium weight squat rack and pound out 20 reps narrow-stance squat...

... to really force the blood into my legs. When doing the narrow it’s really working on the sweeps of the legs. This exercise was feeling really good and the legs were getting a good pump so I did 6 sets of this combo exercise. Before moving on I decided to do some walking lunges...

...before doing to next exercise. So I did 4 sets of walking lunges (length of the room) there and back is one. After completing the lunges I moved onto leg extensions.

The key to the leg extension is once again the squeeze at the top and the total control on the negative. For this exercise I did 4 sets of 15 reps. The next exercise is the often forgotten calves. I start on a calf machine heavy weight and stand on the platform with my toes facing out with heels in.

I do 10-15 reps that way, then while still standing on platform but with no weight turn my feet the opposite direction toes in heels out and burn up the calves with 25 reps.

I like 6-9 sets this way, doesn’t always have to be all done on the same machine, but does have to be with the changing of the feet position. The bodypart that was going to be hit today was biceps. For this exercise I started with laying cable curls basically its starting with a cable machine from the top position with a re-curved bar attached and a flat bench, with one end of bench close as it can go to the cable itself.

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